UPC specialises in coaching individuals over 40 to better health and fitness, through specifically designed programs that are 100% focused on achieving each client's personal goals.

Since 1993 we have successfully trained over 9600 individuals to better health.  From busy executives and time-poor parents, to successful Olympic athletes, UPC designs and facilitates programs for results. 

For further inquiries, please call Warren on 1300 552 596 or 0411173443, or email warren@upcoaching.net

Reasons why traditional gym memberships fail:
1. The participant does not receive ongoing support and instruction
2. The program does not meet the participant's goals or match their capabilities
3. The personal trainer is inexperienced and doesn’t take pre-existing injuries into account (especially with participants over the age of 40)
4. The participant establishes a routine and does the same routine every time they do a session
5. The participant exercises in the wrong “training zone”
6. The participant receives no advice about nutritional changes that will impact their progress

Small Group Low Impact Functional Training 

UPC provides small group health and fitness training to those who prefer to exercise with others who are of similar fitness levels.

Groups have a maximum of 4 participants and  are usually gender specific, however we do run small mixed-gender groups for friends or couples

Our goal is to provide an exercise environment where clients are COVID-safe, comfortable, and supported.

Individual Low Impact Functional Training 

Many of our clients prefer a more individualised approach to improving their health and fitness.

UPC offers individual personal training programs and "10 week challenge" programs. 
These sessions are scheduled in advance with our clients to ensure consistency is achieved, whilst accommodating their busy lives.

For personal training inquiries please contact Warren on 0411173443 or at warren@upcoaching.net.

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